The Abundant Life

Reading a post from a new Christian just sends chills up my spine. The presence of the Holy Spirit is electrifying and contagious. Leslie from The Insomniac has discovered what life is:

An insomniac is constantly on the lookout for mental fodder to loll around in the mind as the wee hours twiddle away. Paradoxes have often fed that need for me. Back & forth, I think of the first half, then the 2nd. Finally I try to hold both repelling attractors together at the same time. It’s hard. Jesus uttered a most tantalizing one when he said this:

Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.*

It’s bold. Dashingly simple & deliciously complex: find-lose, lose-find. But find and lose what? Obviously Jesus wasn’t talking about the stuff that keeps your heart pumping. His listeners were not corpses. They had that kind of life. So, what is life?

Read the rest of it, it is marvelous.

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