Parking Lot Angst

Preface: obviously, it’s a slow news day. I haven’t actually spent a lot of time thinking about this, but it beats that news item about Splash, the Amazing Swimming Dog That Can Do Things Mary Jo Can’t. For those inclined to commiserate, instruct, condemn, console, well, here’s your chance to do all of that.

I was headed to the gym last night, and took a strategic position to claim a parking space. For as long as I’ve known Bally’s, they’ve provided insufficient parking spaces for those that arrive at the gym during rush hour. This goes back at least 10 years, and during New Year’s Resolution Month, the problem quintuples. Circling the lot doesn’t work; the parking space always opens up on the row I just left. So my new technique is to stop at the end of a row and wait. Eventually somebody will exit the gym and I can have their spot.

So I’m waiting… waiting… and finally a man starts walking up my row. He’s on the right side, so I signal right, and continue waiting. I’ve signalled my intent long before anybody else, there’s no question this spot will be mine, mwa ha ha.

A car pulls up at the other end of the row, no doubt to perform the same parking lot stalking technique I’m using. The man stops at a jeep next to me, and I put my car in reverse to give him room to pull out.

The other car pulls up, signalling left, with the apparent motive to take the same parking spot I’m camping.

I think the behavior is bizarre. If they’re going to be rude and take the spot I’ve been camping, why bother signalling?

The jeep pulls out, and have luck would have it, backs out toward me, and when he pulls forward, cuts off the other car. The spot is easily mine, and I slide into it. The other car drives behind me, and the woman driving makes a viscious face at me and flips me the bird.

A little while later I see her in the gym; I’m sure she doesn’t recognize me from the back of my head, but her weird harido and continuous scowl is easily recognizable.

I didn’t say anything to her, just finished my workout quietly. So here’s some discussion questions for today regarding the correct reactions of a Christian:

  • Should I have given up my parking space? Why or why not?
  • Should I have said anything to her in the gym? If so, why? And what should I have said?
  • Do you think you could recognize me from the back of my head?

Like I said, slow news day. πŸ˜›

5 thoughts on “Parking Lot Angst

  1. Well, I can’t answer as a Christian, but I can answer as a fellow human trying to get along in this world.

    No, I do not think you should have given up the parking space. No, I do not think you should anything. No, I do not think you could be recognized by the back of your head.

    Just feel a little pity for someone who’s killing themselves by allowing stress to consume them and let little things like that ruin their day. I know I’ve never let something small get to me *cough* πŸ™‚


  2. You did the right thing. The parking space was rightfully yours. Luck was also on your side, and allowed you to move into the spot without incidence. The woman’s reaction is sad, but should not influence you to be spiteful or judgmental in saying something to her later.
    The more difficult situation would have been if the Jeep had turned the other way, and SHE had been able to slide into the space. Would you have been able to continue your workout without saying anything then?
    We can decide not to let those annoyances impact us negatively. If you are not wronged, let it go- and if you are wronged, but it is basically harmless- let that go too. A confrontation will likely not change anything about that other person, but will increase your stress and possibly that of other people around you. If anything, your response could be to say a silent prayer for the woman- that would be a truly Christian act.


  3. I consider myself a confident person, but not a confrontational person. I’m certain if she had taken the parking space I wouldn’t have confronted her. What would be the point? It’s not like such a person would say, “Oh, you’re right. I’ll go back and move my car for you.”

    Thank you for the reminder to say a prayer for her.


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