Pink Panther

I’m having a lot of trouble enjoying movies coming out of Hollywood.

I saw the new Pink Panther movie last night. Steve Martin did an acceptable job as Clousseau, and I can’t imagine any other actor that could do a better job.

But Peter Sellers had the role down pat. When something went wrong, he always had a good-natured honest puzzlement why something wasn’t right. Steve Martin smirked the whole movie.

There were plenty of fun scenes; the English tutor was fun, some of the car door pratfalls were fun. But there was a lot of unnecessary sexual humor that was never in the original Peter Sellers movies that I remember. Beyonce Knowles was pretty to look at, but was she necessary to the plot?

And then, for some reason, to wrap up the movie at the end, Clousseau becomes brilliant and solves the mystery. Bam, movie over.

I suppose I got off to a rotten start – I used to enjoy getting to the movies and watching the previews. Now it’s less and less previews and more commercials. I already paid for the movie ticket, and loud commercials annoy me. I didn’t come to see car commercials or soda commercials or cell phone commercials. I can turn on a TV and get that. But I paid for the movie ticket, so get that off my screen.

5 thoughts on “Pink Panther”

  1. Few remakes ever match the original, and Sellers is a tough act to follow!

    A woman local to my city was recently arrested because she touched the arm of a woman talking on her cell phone during a show. The cell phone user promptly left the theatre and called the police, charging the other woman with assault/battery. The woman shouldn’t have touched her, she should have decked the cell phone user into the next row, then the assault charge would have been warranted! Here’s hoping the judge laughs the case out of court, but considering the legal systems in North America these kinds of charges will probably stick!


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