Mission Impossible 3

Nope, I didn’t see MI:3 this weekend. Apparently you didn’t, either.

Was it because Tom Cruise is a space alien? Was it because he made a farc of marriage by dumping Mimi Rogers, then Nicole Kidman, then Penelope Cruz, then getting Kate Holmes pregnant? That he pretended to be very religious while dumping wives? That hopping on Oprah’s sofa made world headlines? That he taunts people on psychiatric medication?

Or was it because the movie stunk? Why didn’t you go see it?

3 thoughts on “Mission Impossible 3”

  1. I did! Well, not really. I met a friend and her daughter at the theatre and she bought her tickets to “The Wild”. I walk up right after her to buy mine and I got the sorry, we’re sold out.

    My first response was what?, she just bought hers! Then ok, give me two tickets please, the girls will sit in our laps. Sorry, I can’t sell tickets to a sold out show. No, just give me two tickets to something. Turns out it was MI3. Obviously, not a problem with selling out.

    The last movie I saw was “Curious George”, so if it is not rated “G”, I have not seen it.


  2. Parents with young children get a free pass. They’re not expected to see anything without a “G” rating. Would you have seen it if you could?


  3. I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that I could see a movie without the kids!

    Um, maybe? I don’t watch commercials either, so I have no idea what movies are playing.


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