Blogger's Fuel: New Media Mavericks

Thanks to a tip from Doug over at Coffeeswirls, a box of coffee beans showed up on my doorstep. They’re part of a promotionfrom Boca Java. Hey, free coffee if I just blog about it? Sweet.

When the box arrived, the aroma from the box was incredible. These were whole beans but it already smelled like fresh brewed morning coffee.

The first bag I tried this morning is their “New Media Mavericks” that bills itself, “Lead the information reformation with this medium roast from the prized Terrazu region of Costa Rica, with excellent body and robust richness.” Well, I want an excellent body and to be rich in a robust way, so that’s what’s brewing.

(Later after a few cups)

I gotta tell you that some of the best smelling coffee. Rich and easy to drink, it’s just a wee bit stronger than the medium they claim to be, but no bitterness or bite to it. A most excellent coffee. I accidentally made 12 cups this morning and I’m the only one drinking coffee today, so I’m going to be wired when I finish this pot. πŸ™‚

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