Flip-Flop Again

I haven’t looked into the 2008 Presidential season yet, it’s too early. Hillary makes me shudder, Obama doesn’t have any experience, and no republicans have really stepped forward.

Afterwards, while answering a question from a viewer on the program YOUR SHOW about why he chose not to run, Kerry said he had decided it wasn’t the right time.

“Could that change?” Kerry said. “It might. It may change over years. It may change over months. I can’t tell you, but I’ve said very clearly I don’t consider myself out of it forever.”

But today, John Kerry, who earlier ruled out a Presidential run, this weekend said he might change his mind. That’s too funny. Can you imagine all the “I decided not to run for President before I decided to run for President” jokes? I can’t imagine Kerry capturing the hearts of the Democrats who will see his reputation for flip-flopping on issues and previous Presidential loss as a liability. And then to “flip-flop” or waffle on whether even to run for President? That’s just going to be fun fodder for his opponents.

4 thoughts on “Flip-Flop Again

  1. Obama has 10 years in government in two different posts, and spent almost ten years working with government before then as a community organizer and civil rights lawyer.

    Compared to Romney (single term as governor) and Edwards (single term as senator), why is Obama the one without experience?


  2. That’s 10 years of “Boy-Scout”-like experience. Significant experience is a couple of year in the Senate with very little voting record.

    Edwards’s experience isn’t much better, I’ll agree.

    Governor experience is an experienced position, but being older, his positions and experience in lesser roles is far more extensive, including his 2002 CEO role in the Winter Olympics.

    The only reason I singled out Obama is that the news is all ga-ga over Obama as though “are you dense? of course Obama should be President!” sort of way, and all he has is a couple of years speaking in a nice pleasant voice.


  3. I like that his 3 years as a community activist and 4 as a civil rights attorney are important components to his experience because it puts him in touch with what is actually going on for people, something that those who have been in government their entire lives might not have a handle on.

    I also think that the 8 years in the State Senate and the 3 in the U.S. Senate (by the time voting starts) give plenty of a voting record to see what he does and doesn’t support. And, btw, I think that the sponsoring and cosponsoring record is more important than the voting record.


  4. From what I’ve seen, I don’t like it. He’s a liberal with a voice that’s pleasing to listen to. His reaction to the Iraq war, his reaction to the banning of partial birth abortion tells me a lot about his values. And in neither of those issues did he lead, he simply reacted.


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