Christian Carnival CLXXVIII

Christian Carnival 178 is up at … Chasing the Wind! I have the honor of hosting this week’s carnival, affectionately known as Christian Carnival 178, 2^89th, hexadecimal B2, or binary 10110010. Whew, and I think there were almost that many entries.

They’re presented here in roughly the order submitted; if you’re a blog author and you don’t see you entry, I’ll be happy to modify the list below. I had to exclude 1 entry from this week’s Carnival; while “positive” in nature, it didn’t represent a Christian viewpoint. And I excluded two humanistic, scientific anti-Christian blogs for obvious reasons.

if you’re a visitor and curious about Carnival entries, click on a few and read this week’s best Christian blogging.

26 thoughts on “Christian Carnival CLXXVIII”

  1. What about Christians and tattoes? Check out Sis. Julie’s 3-part series and lively discussion at Julie’s Jewels. 5. Edit: This week’s Christian Carnival, a digest of new postings from around the Christian blogosphere, is here courtesy of the Chasing The Wind. [IMG ]Megachurches: What say YOU? Photo Credits: Physibeth, Bjorn,, Bjorn (Flickr)


  2. Christian Carnival 178 is now posted at Chasing the Wind . Make sure you stop by and thank Michael for hosting by loitering like an 8th grader at your local 7-Eleven. Everyday Liturgy’s contribution this week was Private Prayer and Religious Liberty


  3. The Christian Carnival over at Chasing the Wind. What is a carnival? Wikipedia answers. Let’s see, what else has been emailed to me recently: Nancy has written her first e-book. About giving your sons haircuts yourself. As you may have noticed from his pictures, the dog


  4. The Carnival of the CapitalistsThe Carnival of EducationThe Carnival of the InsanitiesThe Carnival of the LiberatedThe Carnival of Principled GovernmentThe Carnival of the RecipesThe Carnival of the VanitiesThe Christian CarnivalHavel HavelimThe Watcher’s Council


  5. May 30 Parableman (actual carnival link) June 6 The Bible Archive (actual carnival link) June 13 Nick Queen (actual carnival link) June 20 The Evangelical Ecologist (actual carnival link) June 27 Chasing the Wind (actual carnival link) #179: July 11 Everyday Liturgy #180: July 18 Mere Orthodoxy #181: July 25 Brain Cramps for God #182: Aug 1 Crossroads #183: Aug 8 The Bible Archive #184: Aug 15 Parableman #185: Aug 22


  6. Thank you for hosting the Carnival.

    Odd about the “Carnival Spam” you received. When I recently hosted the Lutheran Carnival, I also got spam from people submitting links to the Carnival who just filled out the entry form and sent it in, nevermind if their entries belong there. Likewise I got entries that weren’t even written by Christians and weren’t on-topic …


  7. You’re welcome Anne, and I’m blessed to be able to serve in this capacity this week.

    The *spam* looks intentional. One looked to be getting links for a self-improvement book or lecture series. The other two looked like they were trying to get unobservant Christian hosts to link to them. It’s a new twist in carnival submissions sine the last time I hosted.

    I enjoyed your reminder to love those who hate you. Our enemies are not of this world.


  8. Whoa. Wow, look at all the people.

    e-Mom, you’re welcome. Sorry for not replying to your email; I can only see the first sentence from work, then it’s blocked by Websense. I got home too late to get to email, but I was able to add your posting, no trouble at all.

    Adam, it was a privilege to host this week. Thanks for stopping to say hi.

    Shalene, the Christian Carnival is open to all who post from a Christian perspective. More details are at the Christian Carnival Google Group.


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