iPhone Mania

I’ve discovered I can’t talk about new gadgets with my wife. She has an excellent radar, and I can’t hide the drool coming out of my mouth. I started talking last night about the media frenzy regarding the iPhone and…

“If you come home with an iPhone, I’m trading you in for a pair of chihuahuas.”

Oh. My brain, useless and fertile simultaneously, tries to figure out which combination will enable me to stay in the house with the chihuahuas, but it appears to be an either/or proposition. The iPhone is momentarily forgotten, but then returns to the frontal lobe area again. And wisely stays silent.

The video I saw yesterday shows it to be cooler than I previously thought; still photos make it look monstrous, but the video shows a thin, sleek design. The touch screen resizing of photos was amazing and has exceptional wow factor.

But the price, ow. And it’s iPhone 1.0. I’ll wait; the price will come down, the features will improve. I can wait. I need to wrap this into my “home telecommunications study” (I am my own IT department) for later this year. The last mobile phone contract expires in August, and AT&T must separate DSL from home phone service in December. Then I’ll see if trading in my cell phone and Palm Lifedrive for a iPhone makes sense.
A pair of chihuahuas

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