Muslims Kill Korean Christian

Taliban fundamentalists kill an unarmed Korean Christian. Please pray for the other 22 Christians still held captive, 18 of whom are women.

Reuters identifies them as “church volunteers” killed by “Taliban.” Michelle Malking correctly identifies them by their religion. Westerners like to obscure the religion because it’s uncomfortable, but the radlical Islamists have no qualms about identifying it as a religious war.
Korean Christians
The people that would kill such peaceful saints are barbarians.

Update: I repeat. Barbarians.

11 thoughts on “Muslims Kill Korean Christian

  1. Here is a video on these Korean Christian nuts on youtube

    These nuts entered the country by lying — they claimed they are there to help, not to proselytize. They broke the law of country which prohibits proselytizer missionaries. They made Muslim children pray to their Christian god without children or their parents consent. How would Christian parents feel if I made 5-year old Christian children in an American school pray to Zeus without consent or permission of children or their Christian parents? There are other videos of Christian Korean nuts visiting mosques and graves in Afghanistan — singing Christian songs, and then later bragging about it on how they felt praying to Jesus in mosques where no one has prayed to Jesus before. True face of missionary nuts is exposed. They give poor food if the poor and hungry parrot and pray to their Christian god.


  2. RD, which offense warranted shooting the pastor’s body a few dozen times and leaving it in the street? Was it the singing, the praising, or the feeding of the hungry children?

    I saw no coercion in that youtube link. In fact, I thought it was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Michael,

    Regarding no mention of the fact that the Koreans are Christian – perhaps 1) liberal media always downplays, removes, or ridicules faith; 2) liberal media doesn’t want any goodwill spent toward Christians; or 3) liberal media honestly didn’t know they were Christians. #1 or #2 most likely.


    The Korean Christians were providing humanitarian aid. What their thoughts, prayers, or intentions for the salvation of the Muslims are is their own business. Are you such a tyrant that you wish to control their very thoughts?


  4. Jennifer, good catch. He’s spending some time defending barbaric actions elsewhere if you look at the other posts he makes on that Typekey account.

    He probably came here because of the Michelle Malkin link; I wouldn’t expect him to return, but I’d like him to explain how he justifies ending a non-violent human life he disagrees with.


  5. You know, this God you Christians been praying to, he apparently sides with the Taliban, or doesn’t give a two craps about you guys.

    Some Koreans may be confortable abandoning the religion of their ancient ancestors to worship the white man’s God, but in Islam, apostates can be put to death. Sending missionaries to these places and trying to convert ppl is only going to get the ppl killed.

    The world has to wake up and stop arguing over who’s imaginary friend is more “real.” Enough already. Christian churches constantly send missionaries to dangerous places, where the ppl are poor and desperate. It’s like a badge of honor for them. The religious leaders exploit the young and eager to please. “See, go into a third world, war tore area, help the poor, serve God!” And while the sheepie are off risking their lives, the church gets publicity and more attention, and thus, more membership and more donations. God will protect us/reward us…well, not this time.


  6. ReligionFools, you’re showing a complete lack of understanding of our completely holy and loving God. Why do you blame the evil choices of men on God?

    The book of Romans tells us that God uses *everything* for His glory. They Christian martyrs are now in the heavens in the splendor of Jesus, while here on earth “the church gets publicity and more attention,” so that people see the love and sacrifice of Christian saints.


  7. The WHY? of Terrorism in Islam

    I am an American living in Asia. I am not Moslem, but I am a writer and historian. I would like to share some information with you readers: information concerning Moslem terrorism. It may help them understand what is going on in the Middle East, as well as significant parts of Africa, Asia, Europe, and even the United States.

    Moslem terrorism has already struck the United States; I am certain it will do so again; next time your readers and their oved ones, as well as a vast number of other innocent victims could be caught up in a man-made catastrophe.

    Disregarding the social and economic factors that serve as underpinnings for Islamic terrorism, I will address the more fundamental issue: the religious teachings that sanction violence against non-Moslems and against women? Here are seven verses from the Koran. These scriptures have been translated into modern English.

    …murder, crucify, or cut off the hands and feet of non-Moslems…Chapter 5 Verse 33 – The Koran
    …create terror in the hearts of non-Moslems …cut off their heads…Chapter 8 Verse 12 – The Koran
    …and fight non-Moslems until Allah’s religion is the only one…Chapter 8 Verse 39 – The Koran
    …of all the loot you plunder from non-Moslems, 20% belongs to Allah and to Mohammed. Chapter 8 Verse 41- The Koran (Author’s note: Loot included kidnapped female sex-slaves.)
    …Take as many as four wives from the women you are sexually attracted to … Chapter 4 Verse 3 – The Koran
    …God has made men superior to women… Virtuous women are obedient. If a woman becomes disobedient, beat her. Chapter 4 Verse 34 – The Koran
    …When it comes to marriage, Allah makes it legal for you to take as wives, women whom your right hand possesses. Chapter 33 Verse 50 – The Koran (Author’s note: This verse talks about the “loot” non-Moslems call… kidnapped female sex-slaves.)

    Most people in the western world have never heard of these astonishing scriptures, but they are in the Koran … along with a relatively short list of others, just like them. This is important because not all Moslems are the same; there are two very different types. Militant Moslems view these verses as commandments from God. They think they apply to life in the Twenty-first Century and they try to use them, regardless of the suffering and mayhem they create, whereas moderate Moslems ignore such verses because they were uttered a long time ago: when the Arabian peninsula, from whence Islam came, was a very primitive place.

    Historians tell us these terrorist teachings are part of a cluster of ferocious beliefs that were deliberately added to one specific part of the formerly peaceful and tolerant Koran. These changes were done years after the faith was first organized. In fact, historians also tell us Islam didn’t simply fall from the sky as a full-blown religion, but rather evolved from a persecuted sect of Jewish-Christians. The first Moslems were actually part of a larger group of Jesus’ followers called the Ebionites.

    Ebionites were peace-loving disciples of Christ, who shared their wealth with fellow believers, and taught that a man should marry only one wife. In fact, women were much more independent in the Ebionite-days of Islam. They were more influential too. I say this because my research has determined that the first prophet of Islam may have been someone other than Mohammed: I believe the first prophet was a very special woman named Khadija the Pure. Khadija was Mohammed’s first and only wife for twenty-four years. Khadija was fifteen years older than Mohammed and she was his former employer. Khadija was also was an influential Arabian princess who was extremely wealthy. Even though Khadija was part of the royal family that controlled worship in the all-important Kabba Temple, with its 300+ pagan gods and goddesses, she became an Ebionite Christian.

    After Khadija’s death, Islam was hijacked by a cartel of corrupt men. New beliefs were added, old beliefs were deleted or relegated to unimportance, and the religion was changed beyond recognition. In the end, Islam abandoned many of its Ebionite Jewish-Christian teachings and turned cruel and predatory; women suffered the most: they became the focus of repression, scorn, and violence.

    Today, although moderate Moslems are loath to admit these facts, and many of them are terrified to voice criticism of their militant Islamic brothers, because of fear that violence will come to them and their families, the fact remains that these added teachings are not the original beliefs of Islam; they are amendments: They are the terrorist teachings of Islam.

    In the near future, militant Moslems hope to unleash a series of unimaginable calamities upon the United States and the rest of the world. Because the terrorist teachings of Islam sanction deception, treaty breaking, and war, as well as looting, murder, kidnapping, terrorism, and human slavery (including sexual slavery), so long as these crimes are directed against non-Moslems, there is no limit to the things these fanatics can do. But the scariest part: Militant Moslems will do everything… in the name of God (Allah). If they die while committing these crimes against humanity, they believe Allah will bless them and give them seventy virgin brides as an eternal reward for their brutality.

    Are you are interested in learning more about an array of Islamic topics including: Who was Khadija the Pure, or the Seventy Virgins, or facts concerning militant Moslem terrorism and its involvement in modern human slavery? Visit The Moslem Institute website:

    The Moslem Institute website is published as a free service by
    Dane Dahl, historian and author of The Pox of Mohammed.
    This missive is being sent to you for informational purposes only. Any replies can be directed to the following email address:, or to the following mail drop in the United States: Dane Dahl, P.O. Box 190 #04073, Jefferson, OR 97352.
    All the best,
    Dane Dahl
    Please forward this message to a friend.


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