Michael Vick: Where is Jesus?

Michael Vick, the Atlanta Falcons quarterback, has been all over the news recently. Indicted for dog-fighting, his friends turning witness against him, loss of his quarterback position and the millions of dollars in signing bonuses and advertising deals, Michael Vick has certainly learned a hard and probably one-way lesson. And given the atrocious stories about how the losing dogs were killed, Michael Vick has few supporters anywhere standing up for him.

So Michael Vick pled guilty. The first news snippets indicated that perhaps the Lord was working in Vick’s life – and those of us that have had the Lord work on us know that the Lord does not discriminate on the basis of wealth, race, upbringing, whatever. If the Lord is going to use you in a powerful way, first He will break you from your dependence on anything except Him. Moses, David, Jesus… everybody goes through it. So when I first started hearing that Michael Vick had “found Jesus,” I started to pay attention.

But the Houston Chronicle makes absolutely no mention of Michael Vick turning his life over to Christ. Did I imagine it? Were they just rumors? The Chronicle captures the guilty plea, the apology, the full acceptance of his actions and the negative effect he’s had on those who followed him as a role model. What happened to the “Jesus” reference?

I searched for the full text of Michael Vick’s statement and found it on USA Today. It includes this –

I’m upset with myself, and, you know, through this situation I found Jesus and asked him for forgiveness and turned my life over to God. And I think that’s the right thing to do as of right now.

For Christians, this is the most redeeming part of the Michael Vick story. Why does the Houston Chronicle delete this reference? Is it because they think it’s unimportant? Then they do not understand the bible belt they publish in. Or worse, did the Houston Chronicle intentionally leave it out?

Why is the fact that Michael Vick said he’s given his life to Jesus left out of the Houston Chronicle’s story?

6 thoughts on “Michael Vick: Where is Jesus?”

  1. My guess would be that a celebrity in trouble, claiming to have found Jesus, is hardly newsworthy. They all do and I think that most are remarkable only in their insincerity. I don’t think that to ignore his claim at this point is a slight to Christians, just the opposite.

    Should he show, by word and deed, that God truly is working in his life in the future – not just when he is facing public scorn and a prison sentence – then you should expect some press coverage. At this point I find it hard to believe he has found anything but point #2 in the image rehabiliation playbook.


  2. I understand, Ms Vox, and appreciate your viewpoint. The evidence of a life truly changed and repentant isn’t obvious from a single statement, and celebrities (and politicians) are notorious for trying to use God to further their own goals.

    But I disagree that this profession of faith is not newsworthy. If this statement is not, I can’t see how the rest of the story is newsworthy, either.


  3. What ever he or anyone says, this 11th hour crap is insane; hey Vick senseless slaughter of dogs like this is sociopathic, and DMX needs to know how long it takes a Canine to become a skelleton before he names alibis.
    Michael Vick and anyone who murders sentient life in their lifestyle must do horrible things to people as well and are not close to God, sociopaths are incurable, a defect to the world; evil. An audity and evil condition of perpetual megalomania. If he did it to dogs, look for human victims. Especially with the reason that they don’t fight well enough and cruely as they snap necks,
    A dog isn’t human but it’s the gateway murder.

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