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Review: The Grand Weaver

coverI enjoyed “The Grand Weaver” immensely. Written by Ravi Zacharias, he describes our almighty God has the weaver who holds all the threads of our lives and weaves them into a grand purpose. From our perspective, we only see the individual threads, and sometimes the colors or textures we see don’t make sense. Trusting in God for His perfect will, though, doesn’t require us to see the finished product.

The best illustration comes from the title of the book; the master weaver in India sits on a ledge with multiple threads of fabric, weaving them with expert care to his son down below. His son, his apprentice, has the job of pushing the shuttlecock to and from. When he reaches the end of the row, he looks up at his father. When his father nods, the son reverses the shuttlecock and pushes it to the other side.

What does the son see? A variety of threads in a multitude of color that individually make little sense. What does the son control? Nothing; the father is in control. If the son doesn’t wait on the father, he will weave a tangled mess. The father is the grand weaver – but the son has an important role to play. It make look easy, but it requires looking to his father for timing for the father’s will to be done.

What a wonderful illustration of waiting on God and doing God’s will. The threads of our lives can be so very confusing. Where does this one go? What’s it for? Why is it this color? But if we trust in God and wait on Him, God will be able to use us in creative ways.

Will you trust in God to use you this way?

6 responses to “Review: The Grand Weaver”

  1. I LOVE Ravi Zacharias and listen to his messages almost every day! His logic is so…logical. 🙂 Where can I get this book?


  2. Jennifer-

    Here’s the publisher’s list of retailers selling Ravi’s latest: .


  3. Well…that first link doesn’t seem to be working. Here’s the full URL:


  4. Hey, look, free tech support.

    The second link works, I just checked. The problem with the snipurl link might be that final period at the end of the sentence. I usually leave a space before the period just to avoid that. I’ll edit comment #2 and see if that fixes it….

    … yup, that did it. 🙂


  5. Thanks guys! Sorry I was too lazy to look it up myself. Clearly I was not “Just Thinking.”


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