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Christian Carnival CCXIX

c. 1220
Chasing the Wind is honored to host the 219th edition of the Christian Carnival II, the blogosphere’s best Christian writing. My comments on the post in italics after each entry, but I left the author’s original thoughts when he or she provided them. I included almost all posts I received; I excluded two from the same blog that were more about “the power of positive thinking” that didn’t seem to mention Christianity, and a similar post about raising children from a site mostly dedicated to gardening. Oh, and I excluded an advertisement blog for Branson Missouri. If I excluded your post and you don’t agree, email me and let me know why I erred and I’ll correct it.

Submit your blog article to the next edition of christian carnival ii using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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  1. Posted atChasing the WindPosted by Tom Gilson under Miscellanea |


  2. 219th Christian Carnivalis up at Chasing the Wind. If you want to know about the Christian (Blog) Carnival, Parableman is a good place to find out.


  3. 219th Christian Carnivalis up at Chasing the Wind.


  4. Recent Posts Christian Carnival CCXIX @Chasing the WindWednesday Music Interlude: Gomez Best Action Flick Marathon Ever McCain’s Courting of the Religious Right Pay Teachers More or Reward Them? Review: The Making of the Modern University What Presbyterians Believe


  5. of Fools hasn’t put together this week’s Carnival of the Carnivals, and quite possibly never will again, but the show must go on: The Best of Me SymphonyThe Blawg ReviewThe Carnival of EducationThe Carnival of the InsanitiesThe Carnival of the VanitiesThe Christian CarnivalHavel HavelimThe Watcher’s Council


  6. George A. Marcelo’s Weblog

    Blogroll Aldrin BrianChasing the WindIan Jim


  7. Christian Carnival CCXIX @Chasing the Wind


  8. 219 was at Chasing the Wind. 221 will be at Everyday Liturgy.


  9. The219th Christian Carnival


  10. Study Blog ) – The Tabernacle Edition May 1,2008 Christian Carnival CCXXII ( Brain Cramps for God ) April 24,2008 Christian Carnival CCXXI ( Thomas at Everyday Liturgy ) April 16,2008 Christian Carnival CCXX ( Imago Dei ) April 09,2008Christian Carnival CCXIX( Chasing the Wind ) April 5,2008 Christian Carnival CCXVIII ( Kiwi and an Emu ) – the “was going to be big” edition March 26,2008 Christian Carnival CCXVII ( Diary of 1 ) – Attributes of God Edition March 21,2008 Christian Carnival CCXVI ( Crossroads


  11. Thanks, Michael, this looks great!


  12. I just started writing this. Do drop by if you have a chance to.


  13. Thank you for hosting the carnival and including my entry.


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