Galloping Buzz II

Once upon a time I wrote about a galloping buzz generated by my computer monitor, my desk phone, all sorts of electronics. Dwight Silverman had written an article on the same subject a few days before, and I was prompted to share my experience.

I think there’s a solution to this annoying buzz – there’s a video of it on metacafe.

All I need is one of those anti-static bags. They used to be so common, but I haven’t seen on in a long time.

One thought on “Galloping Buzz II

  1. I didn’t think about it much when you posted about it the first time, but we have problems at work with blackberries in meeting rooms because they make the conference phones buzz, even if the phone isn’t turned on. Maybe we should have anti-static bags on all the conference room tables. Or just make tablecloths out of the anti-static bag material. That would be functional *and* decorative.


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