Galloping Buzz

About 6 months ago, my computer at work started to make a random buzz once in a while. Not often, not a constant buzz, but a particular pattern that only happened occasionally. Sort of a “bzz.. bzz.. bzzz.. bzzzzzzz” pattern.

Last month, my computer at home started making the same buzzing noize. At home, I have 5.1 surround sound speakers, so it’s a little harder to tell where the buzzing is coming from. It sounds like it’s coming from the bottom of my monitor, but there’s a center speaker directly on top of the monitor.

I haven’t heard the buzzing at work lately, though. Was the buzzing gone? On vacation? Saving up for a really large BZZZZZZ one day?

Today I ran across the TechBlog article, “What’s the buzz, Cingular?” The author, Dwight, calls it a “galloping buzz” and notes that it seems to be related to his Cingular GSM phone.

Could there be something to this? Looking back on my own mysterious “galloping buzz” noise, I can fill in some missing blanks –

  • I have a Samsung 427 Cingular phone. Until around last November, it mostly sat at home on a bedroom windowsill.
  • Last November when I started dating, I decided to start carrying my phone to the office. It sits about 2 feet from my monitor. The buzzing started more or less around the same time, I think. It’s hard to be sure.
  • After the recent downstairs remodeling project, my office is now downstairs. I moved the phone charger to the desk, again, about a foot from the monitor. That was about 2 months ago, I think, and I’m pretty sure the computer buzzing started about the same time.
  • That galloping buzz happened just now, at my office, while I’m typing this. It was very faint, though.
  • A couple of months ago I brought an old pair of earphones to the office. That’s about when the buzzing at the office more or less disappeared. I leave them plugged in all the time. Is it possible the buzzing is so faint because it’s coming out of the earphones?

I’m curious – does anybody here ever get a random, galloping buzzing noise? If you do, do you have a Cingular phone nearby?

8 thoughts on “Galloping Buzz”

  1. No, but I have a Nextel phone that does the same thing (if I understand your buzzes).

    If you place the cell phone within 24″-48″ of anything with an amplifier circuit and speakers, you will hear a chuff….chuffchuffchuffchuff every so often. This happens most often just right before an incoming phone call.

    This happens on computers, amplified speakers, even radios. To be really loud and noticable, the phone has to be within 18″ and in the same general plane as the receiving element.

    Perhaps the phone “phones home” to let the base know where it is. “Hey, I’m still here, Base”. “Go away, phone I will let you know when I need you”.

    Or perhaps I am going insane.

    Who knows?.


  2. It happens with computers and radios all the time if there’s a phone nearby. It often starts that sound just before the phone rings or if you turn the phone on while near such equipment.

    It doesn’t matter what brand or type of phone you have.

    It’s pretty standard. I thought everyone had experienced it.


  3. ye i have a cingular and it does that two if it iz anywhere nere my computer so i just throw it on the bed, try that it work lol just chuck it on the bed


  4. I started getting the galloping buzz a while ago, nothing do with my phone nor the speakers..wonder if anyone knows, I recently took the dvd-rom out as it broke.


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