Science Made Stupid Again

I stumbled across a funny site called “Science Made Stupid” and started writing a post about it…


Since the dawn of time, man has looked to the heavens and wondered: where did the stars come from? He has looked at the great diversity of plants and animals around him and wondered: where did life come from? He has looked at himself and wondered: where did I come from?

Later, he began to ask more complicated questions. He looked in his wallet and asked: where did my paycheck go? Am I on the right bus? Who do you like in the series?

To the former questions, at least, science has provided answers.

… and then it started to look familiar. Too familiar. Turns out I thought it was funny in June 2004, too.

My memory may be failing, but at least my humor is consistent.

2 thoughts on “Science Made Stupid Again”

  1. I was just reading the appendix (part of the large intestine), and the glossary which included doozies like this:

    circlular reasoning : see reasoning, circular
    milliHelen : the amount of physical beauty required to launch one ship; 1/1000 of a Helen
    ohm : where the art is
    quark : sound made by a durk
    radiocarbon dating : courtship ritual among archaeologists
    reasoning, circular : see circular reasoning
    semiconductor : part-time employee on a streetcar
    unit of power : watt – I said, unit of power : watt – I SAID . . .


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