Peter Jenning's Faith

CharismaNow offers some insight into the faith of Peter Jennings before he died earlier this week of lung cancer.

TV anchor Peter Jennings “was very interested in the Bible, very interested in the things of God,” according to the daughter of evangelist Billy Graham. Anne Graham Lotz said she didn’t know the longtime host of ABC’s “World News Tonight,” but she knows people who were in a Bible study with Jennings, the Associated Press (AP) reported.

Lotz said Jennings was a man of great and varied accomplishments, the AP reported. But she believes that if you could ask him today, “What was the most important thing you ever did? – it would have to be a decision that he made, or didn’t make, about Jesus Christ.”

In 2000, Jennings hosted an ABC special titled “The Search for Jesus.” In an interview then, Jennings was asked if he had found Jesus. He responded that he had found out a lot about Him.

In an interview he did with Beliefnet shortly before the airing of the special, Jennings said: “I have gone through a subsequent period of seeking to understand what or how strong or what are the connections I have to God. So I’ve spent some time with other men who have tried to understand that about their own lives. I’ve spent a little more time in Bible study … I’ve sought to go out and find the value of this in other people’s lives.”

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