Four Year Blogiversary

It seems they grow up so fast. 🙂 Chasing the Wind is now 4 years old. Happy Birthday!

I find it amazing how fast things have changed in the last 4 years. Then, blogs were amazing new inventions. “You mean, *I* can write something on the web? Don’t I need permission or something?” Today, sites like MySpace and Facebook and Plaxo and Twitter and Flickr and who knows what else makes it easy to tell all your friends what’s going on in your life. I can see a day where blogs are archaic and email is obsolete.

But for now, we’re just going to keep posting along. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Four Year Blogiversary”

  1. Thanks, AJ. I suspect social networking sites spell the end of blogs, just like the internet spelled the end of bulletin board systems years ago. Times change.


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