State Sovereignty

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The Ninth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution:

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

The Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

When the U.S. government is taxing our grandchildren for the purposes of increasing spending, the rights of the state are trampled. Thank goodness states are fighting back.

Lawmakes in 16 states have joined what’s become known as the Tenth Amendment Movement. And it’s picking up speed. At least that many are considering the same. Read more here and here and here.

Call your state representative. Tell them you want to govern your own state, not Washington. Before we’re all broke.

These states have already passed or have resolutions pending to pass the Tenth Amendment Movement: Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Washington.

Soon to come: Alaska, Alabama, California, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Nevada, Maine, Pennsylvania.

Is your state on this list?

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15 thoughts on “State Sovereignty”

  1. side-effect: George W. Bush might end up being a citizen of a foreign country. Sheesh. Related articles by Zemanta Stimulus raises state sovereignty issues ( Some states call for independence from federal government ( Sovereignty( 3 Cheers for the 10th Amendment Movement – ALAN KEYES (


  2. Affirming Texas Sovereignty Under 10th Amendment – Part 2 I believe that every state must follow Texas. We will be posting the 10th amendment shortly as it pertains to the sovereignty of each state. Related articles by ZemantaState Sovereignty( 3 Cheers for the 10th Amendment Movement – ALAN KEYES (


  3. Oh, that's just one of those amendment things that prevent progressives from helping those less fortunate than they. We're from the gummint, and etc. etc.Thank God for it . – Now, lets enforce it. I daresay that the outcry from the leeches losing spending programs is more tolerable to freedom than a strike from the producers.


  4. Okay Michael…It would seem that your country is going to hell in a hand basket quicker than you can say “the golden age is gone” which makes me wonder how determined and resilient the present generation is compared to your forefathers who ventured to the “land of the free” and, in a sense, set in motion this entire predicament that you now face as a nation. Do you think there is any hope to bring your nation out of this tailspin? And what do you envision the future US would look like?
    (devil’s advocate, curious and interested, pink&green supporter otherwise known as…)
    BTW – What are your thoughts on universal health care?


  5. I believe our current generation is growing up soft and in for a rude awakening. They clamor for an age of entitlement, and fiscal realities should be set aside for the good of the immediate gratification. There are more voting themselves entitlements than there are those paying for it. I don’t currently see a solution to that if the politicians continue to buy votes with pork.

    Universal Health Care – the compassionate says we should all be taken care of. The realist says that spending most of our country’s GDP on healthcare makes no sense. The government will realize they can’t afford it, anymore than people individually can afford it. The logical step is for the government to choose what sort of care I’m entitled to. Euthanasia will be discussed as an option. The government will tell me how much I need to exercise and what I’m allowed to eat in order to maintain my health within a certain range. And politicians will exempt themselves in favor of a private system they control to get better care than we get.



  6. “I believe our current generation is growing up soft…” Our current generation? Are you mixing the Echo-Boomers with the Boomers – who are the ones that are the main brain behind this drain…(little poetic humour)?
    Which are we blaming here for the demise of our economy?

    UHC – I live in universal health care. Not flawless, but certainly more responsible to society than private enterprise. We know that for a society to survive, there must be community living…’a house divided falls…’
    Your idea is somewhat extremist. That being said, extremist views will always exist and it is the extremist views that keep the status quo of society as a whole.

    I’ll stop here…


  7. “Our current generation” crosses all age groups.

    As I said, health care for all is compassionate. It’s just not fiscally responsible. I don’t believe I’m extremist. I base my principles on what I believe is moral and proper. I absolutely agree that we should help our neighbors. I absolutely disagree that our neighbors should be forced to help.


  8. “I absolutely agree that we should help our neighbors.” – If others agreed as you do, then collective community exists. All benefit.

    In reference to: “I absolutely disagree that our neighbors should be forced to help.” It sounds like you are suggesting that you have trouble receiving help. ‘It is okay to help others, but I don’t need help.'(This is not meant to be a personal attack, just an observation.) Certainly, owning responsibility for our actions, whether it be overeating leading to the demise of our personal health or polluting the air adding to the increasing number of asthmatics (driving when you could have walked), is morally right and proper – which begs to suggest that by collectively contributing to a universal health care program, you are, in fact, being properly, morally responsible.

    As for fiscally responsible – 1) Where there is a will, there is a way. 2) Are you considering fiscal responsibility in the short term or long term? and individually, corporately, or societal (as a nation)?


  9. You’ve totally missed my position. I spend a lot of time and energy in various service projects, teaching, tithing, and supporting various missions. That’s my perogative. I think everybody should do this.

    But I’m absolutely against a proposition that would force people to be giving. I’m against universal health care because it takes the responsibilty away from individuals and gives it to an indifferent, amoral government entity. I don’t want government to take care of me the way they took care of Katrina victims.


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