Happy 5th Birthday

Remember when blogging was new? The word “blog” itself was new. The whole concept of people finding an outlet to express whatever was on their mind in a forum that reached globally was new.

Now it’s ordinary. People create blogs for their pets now. Or maybe the pets themselves do it, it’s so easy.

Today marks the 5th anniversary of the beginning of Chasing the Wind. Happy birthday to us.

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5 thoughts on “Happy 5th Birthday

  1. Wow, Megan, has it been that long? I think you must be in the top 5 commenters.

    Sean, and Joe, I take each of those as a compliment.


  2. Happy anniversary! Or birthday. Or… whatever.

    Started reading CtW when you mentioned my website on it about a year or two ago. Always fun to read what you have to say, whether it’s something important or something totally inane.

    Here’s to the next five years of a blog I actually care about.


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