4 thoughts on “It's Wet

  1. Happy 5th to you and your ministry.

    I don’t know how to not be crass in asking if you remember me from last October?


  2. Michael: If you don’t mind.

    I’m very grateful to the Lord. I have a disease that I’ve been battling for a while, and He has given me blessings (and a current bill of good health).

    Praise Him


  3. Kevin, I do. As I recall, we agreed on the the purpose of the fruits of the spirit but disagreed on political ideology.

    Thank you for your birthday wishes. I don’t find the time to blog like I used to, but still enjoy the expression when I can.

    I was unaware of your illness. I will offer a pray to the Lord today for your health.


  4. Thank you, very much, Michael.

    We do disagree on many things, but I cannot disagree you are a brother.

    May us both continue to be fruitful in the Spirit.

    Thank you, again,



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