Faith and Love – Brian Holman's Story

Don’t we often complain that the news gives us only the bad news? When the news gives us a story of faith, hope, and love, let’s celebrate it.

The Holmans — from left: David, Jami, Scotty, Kassidy, Brian and Jeffi — have survived difficult times. "We have this family and all of this love," Brian said.

Brian Holman, former pitcher for the Seattle Mariners, has a family full of trials, from his own rehab to a child falling off a snow resort chairlift to an adopted child that developed leukemia and more. This family has endured more trials in 5 years than most families do in a lifetime.

“All of a sudden your family’s well-being is dependent on God and doctors. Everything comes at you, and all you can do is hope you have the strength, the guidance and the wisdom to handle these things. … It’s tough stuff.”

They survive… no, they celebrate these hardships together as a family with their faith in God. It’s a must-read Christmas story that’ll bring a tear to your eye.

Thanks to Michelle Malkin for the tip.

12 thoughts on “Faith and Love – Brian Holman's Story

  1. To Whom it may concern:
    I know this may come as an odd request, but I was wondering if you have any form of contact with Brian Holman (former Seattle Mariners pitcher)? My family (the Sheas)were friends with him back in his pitching days and we somehow lost touch. If there as any guidance you can give me that would be great.
    Thank You


  2. Huh. A miracle. Smack dab in the middle of my blog. 😛

    Email addresses aren’t displayed anywhere except “behind the scenes,” so I’ll email Nick and ask if I can send you his email address.


  3. The Brian Holman family is the most incredible family I have met in 36 years as teacher/principal in the public schools. The Holman’s lived in Ellensburg for a few years and touched so many lives. Brian helped me become a better husband and christian without even knowing it. God is using this family.


  4. The Holmans are amazing..i was with Jennifer the night Cassidy was diagnosed, and now i look back, and im so grateful to have been friends with them, they are awesome


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